sybren kuiper (-syb-) /designer 

Sybren Kuiper (NL) studied Dutch Language and Literature at the University in Utrecht and after graduating went on studying graphic design at the Academy of Art, also in Utrecht. Since 1994 he works as an independent graphic designer under the moniker –SYB-. He designs almost exclusively for cultural clients: promotion for theatre productions and festivals on the one hand, books for photographers and artists on the other. Key to his approach to photo book design is that he is always looking for ways to elevate the reading of a book to an experience itself, using all the physical possibilities and characteristics of it, sometimes stretching the boundaries of bookmaking further than thought possible. He also designs exhibitions and is part time teacher. -SYB- has to date designed about hundred photo books. Quite a few of those made the yearly best of lists, got nominated for awards and won quite a few. 

sebastiaan Hanekroot / lithographer

At Colour & Books Sebastiaan Hanekroot (NL) works on the reproduction of photography and fine art in books. Usually this implies printing in offset on a wide variety of papers. Each type of paper has its own characteristics for which image files need to be adjusted. It is important for his work that he has a clear understanding of the visual language of the artist. Every project starts with assessing the images provided. Are they as expressive as possible, are they properly balanced, is the focus in each image clear, do we perceive three dimensionality in each image? Color spaces in offset printing are much more limited compared to digital. Enriching the original image files within the boundaries of the artists visual language is an essential first step in the reproduction process. Finally, he goes on press to fine tune the printing process with the printer. In addition he often concern himself with the whole production process, including binding. 

wytze fopma (fopmawier) / binder

Every single morning, when Wytze enters his workshop, he is greeted by the smell of paper, the sound of ancient machinery and last but not least, a grand view over the lovely countryside. 
This is not only the spot where he meets with people to try to define their specific story but ultimately the place where ideas become reality. Not only in the physical presence of the artist or the photographer, but many times, in close cooperation with designers, printers and lithographers.
Wytze always works towards an exceptionally high standard, always combining innovative solutions with a keen eye for detail. A labor of love.

jos morree, fine books/ printer

Jos Morree, Fine Books is an independent book consultant with roots in two well known printing companies (steendrukkerij de Jong & Co and drukkerij Mart.Spruijt bv). Passion, knowledge and partnership creates quality and satisfaction are the three most important motivations.

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